Me, it's Estelle!

Always passionate about stationery and decoration, I decided to create the e-shop of my dreams.

In the era where digital takes a huge place in our lives, I still love to write and organize my days on paper. What could be better than a nice notebook to write down all your ideas?

I have also always had this appetite for the female entrepreneurial world. One day I thought it was okay
be my turn! Successful bet ✨

Why Girlboss Store?

For me, a girlboss is an ambitious, passionate woman who dares to take charge of her life! I wanted to speak to all women who want to change things and be more organized in their daily lives.

I always select my creators with the greatest care, who for me totally reflect this "girlboss" spirit.

Il n'y a que deux conduites avec la vie : soit on la rêve, soit on l'accomplit

If I had to describe myself in 3 words:

organized - passionate - benevolent

My essentials: my (huge) mug of tea and my planner to stay organized all day

My mantra: "there are only two behaviors with life: either we dream it or we accomplish it"