At Girlboss Store, we are much more than an online store. We are a vibrant community dedicated to helping women in their quest for organization, success and aesthetics.

Founded by Estelle Bohelay, a passionate entrepreneur with a bold vision, Girlboss Store was born from the conviction that the organization is the foundation of all success . Our mission is deeply rooted in the idea that efficiency and creativity are the pillars of a fulfilled life.

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Your workspace reflects your state of mind...

Our e-shop contains articles designed especially for ambitious women, who juggle between professional life and personal aspirations. From meticulously crafted diaries to exquisite stationery sets, from inspiring accessories to elegant home decor pieces, each product has been selected for its ability to fuse practicality and aesthetics .

Our target ? Women entrepreneurs passionate about organization, productivity and improving their work environment. With special attention to quality , each item on Girlboss Store is meticulously chosen from French brands created by women, thus celebrating sisterhood .

We firmly believe that the environment in which you evolve impacts your success . A neat office and an inspiring atmosphere naturally promote concentration and achievement . That's why our catalog is full of products that not only beautify your space, but also improve your productivity .

Organizing your days is organizing your success!

Estelle Bohelay, founder of Girlboss Store


We want to highlight all the designers behind each product on the site. You are not just buying a notebook but the story attached to it.
Then, we also select French and eco-responsible brands as a priority.


Mutual assistance between women is essential at Girlboss Store! We support as many beautiful brands created by women as possible.
Our goal is to create and federate a real community of girlboss who can boost themselves on a daily basis.


To understand your needs, we listen to you on a daily basis.
Our goal is to cultivate a real bond with each of you to help you reveal your inner girlboss.

The only thing missing from your daily life is


By choosing Girlboss Store, you choose to transform your daily life by optimizing your organization and improving the aesthetics of your workspace. When you surround yourself with items crafted with love and care, you embody the determination of a true girl boss, ready to challenge limits and achieve wonders .

Join us on this adventure where productivity meets style, and where every day is a blank canvas ready to be painted by your ambitions. Girlboss Store gives you more than just a shopping experience; it is an invitation to cultivate a balanced and fulfilling life.

Take the organizational challenge with us, and discover how every aspect of your life can be optimized to propel you to success .

Welcome to the world of Girlboss Store, where your success and fulfillment are our ultimate goal.

French products as much as possible

We offer you a wide choice of products created by 100% French brands whose women behind them are honoured.