Laure is the founder of Women Warriors.
Female serial entrepreneur, dreamer and ambitious, with 1000 lives to manage.

my favorite mantra

NEVER GIVE UP: Whatever happens, whatever the difficulty, I never give up!

Laure, creator of Women Warriors

How do you organize your days?

My working days start at 7 a.m. and end around 10/11 p.m.

I am a workaholic and I like to manage several projects at the same time, always making sure to give myself time during the day: sport, girlfriends, lovers.

To conclude

Do you have any organization tips?

Each appointment or video is timed to the minute and I impose myself (or I impose on my collaborators) to respect these slots. Addicted to TO DO LISTS, I note each objective by cutting it into several small steps. I prioritize according to the degree of urgency and don't hesitate to procrastinate if I see that it can't fit into my schedule because I'm not a magician ^^

If you had to choose only one product?

The Woman Who Works, for the sentimental side. It's the first planner I created and it's the one that allowed me to launch my brand and get to where I am today.