Les ambitieuses Girlboss Store

Mélissa, Alison, Jérôme

Not far from Montpellier, Les Ambitieuses offers 100% French and eco-responsible products.
The brand was born from a simple observation: "it is not so easy to combine professional and personal life!". Pretty creations have therefore emerged to simplify our daily lives.

But suddenly, who is hiding behind the Ambitious?

Mélissa, la créative

Melissa, the creative

Mélissa is the graphic designer of the Ambitieuses team!
Soft and sensitive, she draws her inspiration from nature as well as from interior decoration shops.
Her creations are modern and feminine, she likes to work on different visuals so that each and every one of you finds her rare pearl!

Alison, la communicante

Alison, the communicator

Alison is the group's communications manager, the Ambitious answering all your emails, calls and nice messages on Instagram and Facebook.
Always in a good mood, she loves bringing the brand to life through social networks, exchanging with the community and organizing collaborations!

Jérôme, le polyvalent

Jérôme, the versatile

Jérôme is the superhero of the team. Her web and marketing skills allowed us to launch the Ambitieuses website and develop a presence in the French stationery market.
A good manager, he brings his experience and vision to all projects!

We become what we believe.

Oprah Winfrey

semainier-organisation-ambitieuses-Girlboss Store

To conclude

- Who are you 3 words?
Organization junkies!

- How do you organize your days?
On the professional side, we organize our days at 9 a.m. around a little coffee and a little chocolate sweetness.

to-do-liste-Girlboss Store

Do you have any organization tips?
To organize your professional projects, we establish To Do Lists for the month, the week and the day.
- The monthly To Do List allows you to have a look at the "big projects" in progress.
- The weekly To Do List allows you to organize the different project missions.
- The daily To Do List to follow the progress of tasks.

If you had to choose only one product?
The To Do List without hesitation!