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Roxane is the founder of Ekru, a pretty brand of vegetable candles, handmade in Bordeaux. Roxane launched Ekru in 2021, alongside her CDI in digital marketing. Since January 2022, she has taken the plunge and embarked full-time on the development of her business.

Ekru is a brand representing freedom, sensuality with trendy and refined designs corresponding to all women.

"I have fun creating new models of candles, new colors and new collections."


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- Who are you in a few words?

My name is Roxane, I'm 26, and I live in Bordeaux, where my brand of designer candles Ekru was born, as beautiful to admire as they are to burn.
All my candles are meticulously poured, unmolded by hand in my small workshop in Bordeaux, which is actually my apartment 😁

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How do you organize your days?

Every morning, after my breakfast, I draw up my to do list (which is often a little too long 🙈) with all the tasks to be done during the day. Most of the time, I spend my morning producing my candles and then packing my orders. In the afternoon, I focus on my communication strategy, on optimizing my site, or on thinking about my future collections.

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Do you have any organization tips?

> On Sunday evening, list all the major important points to be carried out during the week, and day by day establish to-do lists (not too long if possible, and achievable).
> Take breaks, and listen to yourself without putting too much pressure on yourself - the goal is to move forward little by little, enjoying yourself and without stress!
> Working from home, and solo, I love from time to time going to work in cafes, with friends, in libraries. A small coffee, a cookie and I am often very efficient, it motivates me to work elsewhere than in my workshop.
> I also love to start my day with a morning walk, or with a short workout. I am immediately more motivated and more efficient in my work. 15/20 minutes is enough, start the day by going out and getting some fresh air with a podcast, nothing better!

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Your favorite mantra?

"What's done is no longer to be done"
Before launching Ekru, I tended to procrastinate - especially with administration and paperwork. Now, as soon as I start to procrastinate and say to myself "I will do it tomorrow" I repeat to myself this sentence that my mom used to tell me when I was little and I do what I have to do! And once it's done, I cross this task off my to-do list: satisfaction x100!

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If you had to choose only one product?

I love wind terracotta ! It is refined, design, it is a real object of decoration. Also, the terracotta color is my favorite of them all!